SCORE at hobby lobby

I stopped by HL on my lunch break to pick up a pair of circulars and although they didn’t have the size circulars I needed–they did have some wool-ease worsted weight on clearance for $1.37/skein–can you believe that? I don’t know if the colors are being discontinued or what–one of the colors was seaspray…I remember that–the other was Fisherman maybe?? I bought eight skeins in all–2 fisherman (or similar color), 2 seaspray, 2 of some red color and 2 of a dark blue–denim I believe. I pretty much bought all they had left except for one color (which was a green and I have sooooooo much green yarn…I love green–it was hard not to get it, especially since they had 5 skeins of the same lot!!!). Anyway…you might want to hit your local HL if there’s one nearby!

Isn’t it lame when stores don’t have the size circular you are looking for??? :rollseyes: That’s happened to me several times.

Congrats on the yarn SCORE!!! Sounds like you got a good stash for a great price! :thumbsup:

I complained when I was there–The lady who orders for the knitting department wasn’t there but I told a worker (who said they’d tell her…) that I would almost exclusively shop at HL for my yarn b/c they have a better selection than the other craft stores in my area (w/ regards to variety) but I don’t b/c their selection of needles stinks! I’ve not been knitting long so I by needles regularly…it’s frustrating to need a size that you can’t find…The Michaels in my area has a good needle selection but not a great yarn selection–there is a Hancock Fabric in my area that has the best selection of Lion Brand yarn that I can find anywhere but I think they are a little expensive. I don’t have a LYS nearby (I have aspirations to start my own…but no real plans to go w/ my aspirations…) so it’s very frustrating to have to visit 3 stores in one day just to get a particular size of needle!

Nice score, Cristy! :thumbsup: