School Spirit Mittens

A few days before Christmas a friend invited us to join her family for Christmas dinner. So I got inspired by the purple bulky wool I had sitting by my knitting chair to whip up some mittens for the teen age girls in the family. These are their school colors and both the girls are very into sports. They liked them. :slight_smile:

I made the patterns up. I made the ones with lice to fit me and the others a tad smaller for the younger girl. This is bulky wool so worked up fast.

I love them! You must knit really fast!

Only 28 stitches on the ribbing of the bigger mitts and 24 on the smaller ones. Increased to 32 for the hand for the bigger and 28 for the smaller, so not many stitches to have to work on. I did make one whole mitten to try to figure out what to do before I got started. LOL

I LOVE them!!! I bet they were a huge hit!

They came out great!!!

Those are really cute!

Very Nice!

So nice, Judy! Wonderful work, as usual! I love these school colors!
Purple and yellow always remind me of an African Violet flower!