School schedule

No wonder our kids are so far behind the rest of the world in academics. I just looked at the school schedule for next year and it shows that every month of the year has at least one day off-some months there are week off breaks. School starts on Aug 28 and ends on June 4th. There are a total of 32 days off plus weekends. :shrug:Ellie

What’s the total number of days they’re actually in school though? That might be comparable to other states; in Idaho they set the calendar at about 180 days a few years ago.

The last I heard it was about 155 days.

Oh, wow. Pennsylvania government mandates 180 days of school, but my district usually has a couple extras built in for snow days…

Guess that’s where the 32 days went to. If you think the kids should be in school more days, see about getting the state board of education to change it. I will say though, that the length of the school year doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether the kids learn more or not. Seems like most of May mine were having field trips of something about every week.

drags out her old-lady-soapbox and climbs atop with as little wobbling as possible

Ahem, apologies ahead of time for any rantish sounding contents of this post.

I think the worst thing to happen to schools in the last 10 years is the on-then-off schedule. It’s just ridiculous to me that they can’t be in school like we were back when I was going. You know, every weekday through 9 months then have 3 months off? Schools now have this haphazard, week off here, two days off there… oh, and you start back to school in the middle of summer (supposedly to make up for the weird schedule).

I looked at my niece’s schedule a couple of years ago (high school) and they were running trimesters on top of that. They weren’t in a single class more than 5 weeks in a row! How are they supposed to learn without the continuity and consistency we “enjoyed”?

I’m willing to loan the soapbox to anyone who wants.

My kids started back yesterday. They go 182 days. The only breaks they have are for holidays, spring break (5 days), and parent/teacher conference days. The high school has block scheduling and the middle school, modified block. I like it that way because they spend more time in each class period (almost 90 min.) than the rgular day when it was only 35-45 minutes.

My best friends are teachers and seem to have days off all of the time, and it’s at least one day per month. It’s annoying when they ask what I’m doing for the long weekend, and I’m like “what long weekend?” :tap:

what kills me are the random “half days” where school closes early for no discernible reason. there’s never any after care those days, and I may as well just take the whole day off and keep the kid home. I understand teachers need time to plan and grade papers, but how much can anyone get done in a “half day”??? take one whole day every other month! (sigh)

I don’t know how many day my DD goes to school, but do know that get out alot. But this year she is going into the 9th grade. They have had only 7 classes per day. now she will have 8. so that mean least time in each class but more stuff for her to have to learn… I see it both way. But I don’t like the short time in each class.

I think the worst thing to happen to schools in the last 10 years is the on-then-off schedule.

Agreed. How do parents with day jobs manage this sort of haphazard school schedule? And what about if their children go to different schools with different schedules? :shrug:

See why I didn’t have children? I know I couldn’t handle this stuff! :eyes:

The number of days that students must be in school is mandated by the state. It’s usually somewhere around 175-180. 155 sounds exceptionally low to me, but I know that each state is different.

I’m a teacher. At my school, the only half days we are allowed to have are for parent teacher conferences. From a parent’s point of view, I can TOTALLY understand how it is frustrating when there seem to be random days off. I don’t know how other schools or districts operate, but I do know that my school is required to do a certain amount of teacher workshops/inservices/professional education days throughout the year. When we have these days, the kids have a day off.

Again, like I said, I know that every school and district is different, but hopefully this helps explain some of the reasons why there might be days off.

ETA: I also noticed someone commenting on trimesters. One reason that many schools are going to trimesters, instead of quarters, is that it gives a longer grading period, and allows teachers to have more data when calculating a student’s grade, or evaluating them. Hopefully, this means that the grade is a better picture of how that student is doing.

I hope this doesn’t sound argumentative–I’m just trying to help explain from another point of view! :thumbsup:

I’m starting high school this year, and we have 8 periods a day, 50 minutes each…we go back August 29th and get out June 13th, I think. We have about 10 days each off for winter and spring break, and maybe one day a month off for teacher inservice…I have to say, I like them always scheduling inservice around my birthday, so I get a 4/5 day weekend to celebrate.

Luckily, my dad works from home, so we don’t have problems with scheduling.

I, of course, like the days off. They let me knit, or explore my own stuff. School is always far more boring than what I can teach myself.

Jess knit says it all. It seems that school is something that is worked in between vacation time. When did society decide that school had to be entertaining instead of a place to learn the skills necessary for living. :whoosh: Oppps! I am getting much too preachy

sounds like you have a full schedule in school. good luck

i’ll be a sophomore this year, and we have block scheduling too: four classes a day, 90 minutes each. we have 2 semesters, but each semester is split in half so we have 4 quarters. i l[B]oveee[/B] the block scheduling because school seems to go so much faster, and we can get more information in during class.

we only ever have half days on like teacher in service days, and exam day at the end of first semester so that the teachers have more time to grade our exams. we have to go 180 days per year too, and i’m in ohio. so i know thats definately the law here. 155 days sounds wayyyy too low.

I lived in south Florida for almost ten years. My sister lived in north Florida. The difference in our schedules, despite living in the same state, was amazing.

We typically started around the first week of August. We had off at least one Friday each month, and one Thursday each month was a half-day. I think these were teacher planning days. Because of the large Jewish population, we were also granted all Jewish high holidays, so September and October saw a couple of extra days off. We did not get a fall break (except for Christmas). We did not get out of school until the middle of June. My sister’s son started toward the end of August and got out the third week of May.

When we moved back to north Florida a few years ago, I was shocked that we didn’t have Fridays off. I had gotten used to it! I actually really like having my kids home with me, even as they’ve gotten older.

Florida’s state DOE just changed the school calendar to bring everyone a bit more in line with each other. Many districts started around the 20th of August, and we’ll probably all get out around the same time in May.

It also has to do how well the students work. I have gotten straight A’s the past 3 years in all advanced subjects, and we miss a lot of days.

My son started back last Wed…they go a total of 180 days as well…they get less days off than what I did for Thanksgiving and Spring break… and don’t seem to take any other days off that I didn’t except fair days which has always made me :??..They were sent home early on Friday but that was because the school has no a/c and it was HOT here…:hot:

I do think 155 is low…to me rather they go 175-180 days it is still how the teacher/student uses the time he/she is in school… I think the kids need a break now and then… my son is in first grade and first night a letter was sent home stating he would have homework every night, plus weekly spelling words to learn, and weekly books sent home to be tested on… to me I think this is to much on the little ones…I think we tend to put to much pressure on our kids and not enough time letting them just be kids…

As a teacher, a half day is a waste. We don’t get to plan or grade papers. We have to sit in a class and learn a new teaching method or get fussed like 2nd graders because we haven’t mastered/implemented the last one. Meanwhile our students’ schedules are up in the air and I have lost a day of teaching. Trust me, noone wins!