School knitting club

I started a knitting club in the village school. The children in the club are both boys and girls ages 4 yrs to 11 yrs. I am looking for simple patterns that they can knit, that are not too ‘girlie’ and not too difficult. It is surprising how quickly these children are able to understand and knit. I use bamboo needles for children that I bought and a variety of wool oddments. All suggestions gratefully received.

I guess you could try two needle fingerless mittens.You basically knit a square and seam it up most of the way on the bottom and only a bit on the top to create the hole for the thumb.I thought they were girly at first but I’ve gotten a lot of requests from guys to make them.The pattern doesn’t need to be reversed for L and R either.

You can do basic ribbing on the bottom, stockinette in the middle and another tiny bit of ribbing at the top for the older kids.I guess early beginners could do straight stockinette or garter on doubled or thick yarn and for the more advanced, they can try patterns in K,P like a waffle or basket.I definitely think they can handle it. I’ve seen young kids knit some pretty impressive stuff and post it on their parent’s knitting blog.

thanks for that idea. I had thought of a bag but not gloves. I wanted them to feel their work had been useful and enjoyable.