Schaefer Yarn with famous people names

I remember going into my LYS (now closed:cry:) and seeing this wonderful yarn with famous names. I fell in :heart::heart::heart: with the yarn but not the price. At the time I just getting started. Now that I have been knitting for a few years now, Plus I know it is not the price you pay for the yarn, it is the getting to wear something that YOU have made.

My question is…is Schaefer Yarn the only one who names there yarn after famous people. :shrug: I just want to make sure that was the company.

And How is the yarn? is it as good or totally different the MMMMMMM?

vickie howell has three news line of yarn distributed by southwest trading company. they’re all named after people, and the love line is named after famous couples like mulder and scully, harold and maude, and buttercup and wesley. i love the colors.
they’re too new to be the ones you saw, but you might want to check them out, even if it’s just to look at the names. :razz: sells the Schaeffer yarn, and they have women’s names, but not famous ones. I do recall seeing yarn with names of women in history, but can’t think of it off the top of my head. . . :think:

I went to the Shaefer yarn site, and they are named after famous women. Different names are different weights, so you can’t compare as a whole.

I also think I remember on littleknits that they had a handpainted yarn line that included names like… Jane Addams, etc… they were real people (Mostly dead) :rofling:but they were named after real people…:think:


I am absolutely totally and completely addicted to it. I buy every scrap I can get my hands on (and afford). The colors are just amazing and the fibers are wonderful. I had the honor of meeting Cheryl Schaefer (designer of the color ways) and her husband and they are lovely lovely people.

My paticular fav’s are the Elaine yarns and the Miss Priss.

I have a bag full of their different yarn (different textures and types) in “Renata Tibaldi” that I’m looking for the perfect afghan pattern to use with it

The first time I saw the Schaefer yarn, I just fell in love with it. I touch it, played with it, The owner of the LYS had a book where you could order more. I just :drool: over the book…
Then I saw it :waah::passedout: The price… But that was when I was a beginner. Now that I have knitted for a few year. I got to have me some of that yarn.:teehee:

I have only done a gauge swatch with Laurel from Schaeffer so far, but it really knits beautifully! :inlove:

So soft and smooth. And yes, the colors are famous women and they are FANTASTIC! I have a skein of Victoria Woodhull and it’s lovely. I think they might be discontinuing several of the colors now, so you may be able to find a good deal somewhere!