Schachenmayr Princess - KAL anyone?

Greetings fellow knitters,
I am new to knitting (Dec 07) and to this forum. I love the idea of a knit-along group.

I live in SE Michigan and have a small farm with dairy goats, chickens and turkeys. I am trying to get some knitting in before goats kids start to arrive later this month.

I have made about 12 hats in the round experimenting with many techniques and stitches and actually following a pattern or two. I am ready to jump into a clothing pattern and yes, I am choosing a more advanced one to start but that is just the way I am.

I found the cutest summer lace top. The free pattern can be found at:

Would anyone like to attempt this project with me? I am going to start a swatch right now - it’s snowing here and I just want to sit and knit.


Don’t have the time at the moment but it will definitely go on my to do list. Thanks for the link.
are you using the recomended yarn or substituting for something else? Will keep an eye on your progress, would love to see how it turns out. very pretty top.

After several hours of trying to make a swatch of the leaf pattern I decided to go back online and find out if there was a forum for the website where I retrieved the S. Princess pattern. There was.

There were several posts that mentioned the pattern did not work out as print. Oh thank goodness it’s not me.

I have decided to scrap that project and move on to the next.

Hopefully no one else will spend their weekend messing with this pattern! I do so love that top. If anyone has ever made it and has a corrected pattern please do tell.