Scatter sweater complete

Just finished my new Scatter sweater designed by Saunshine. Here’s the photo with more on my blog at

I do love the pattern and have gotten loads of compliments on it here at work today.

[size=2]The Mod Squad was here… picture resized. :waving:[/size]


That’s beautiful! Love the shine of that yarn! WTG!

Gorgeous! :cheering: It fits you really well!

:woot: WOW. That’s so pretty! Love the color. You did a fantastic job :thumbsup:

I love that cut!! Very flattering!

That’s beautiful!! :cheering:

Gorgeous :cheering: :cheering:


Nice job! :blooby:

Beautiful work! It looks so complicated.


That is gorgeous!!! It looks amazing on you! Well done! :cheering:

Beautiful job! What yarn did you use?

What a fantastic job!!! Man oh Man I can only dream about knitting something like that!!! Wow!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Beautiful color and texture.!! The pattern is so intricate yet simple without being too busy… very classy
Good Job!! :happydance: