This is my first time on this forum. I only joined today. This place is great.:mrgreen: But since it’s my first day and all it’s a little scary
Anyway my name is Gabrielle or Gabbi. I’m 19 and i live in Leeds, England at the moment, even though i was born in Newcastle (the North East of England). I’ve been knitting since i was 8 i think but stopped and only started again 2 years ago.
It was my Grandma who taught me to knit, bless her. She even gave me her patterns from the 60’s and 70’s. No offence but i don’t know what some people were thinking. She also gave me some needles.:happydance:

I’ve just finished a set of handwarmers where one was bigger than the other because it wasn’t as tight. Now i’m moving on to a hat and once again i’m scared because i’ve never done anything this complex before and it’s for my boyfriend 21st birthday. I may try a test run and try charts as well. I’ve never done that before either. When it comes down to it I’ve haven’t done much concernig knitting. It’s just i’m scared to mess it up and everything seems so complicated.

Must go. I have university tomorrow and it’s getting quite late here.

Welcome to Knitting Help!


I am also new to this web-site and forum. Don’t be scared- be :happydance: happy. You will soon find out there are a lot of very nice people who know how to and will reply and help you when you have questions.

Welcome to KH! Funny – my partner was also born in Newcastle, then grew up in Pudsey. :slight_smile:

There are two nice things I’ve discovered about knitting: first, all the things that I thought were going to be scary and hard turned out to be fun and easy (well, more or less), and second, it’s basically just a piece of string and a couple of bits of metal or wood or plastic, and if you goof up, never be discouraged or downcast (frustration is allowed!), because you can always tear all the fancy loops you made with your string back to string again and start over again! :slight_smile:

Not to worry. Someday you’ll look back and wonder why you stressed about any of this, because you’ll know how to do it and won’t remember how hard it once seemed!

Welcome to KH Gabbi! Glad you found us! Don’t be scared … what’s the worst that could happen? You have to rip out and start over? In the meantime you will have learned something so it’s not wasted effort. Just go for it. If you have questions, the videos (and people) here will surely help!

Gabbi, Welcome to KH. You will soon find out KH has a lot of helper’s. We were all beginner’s at one time. Most of us has had the same feeling’s or close to it as you. I struggled for a long while in the beginning. Everyone here was great help. All you need to do is ask and someone will help you. Also the video’s are of great help. Don’t feel bad if you need to rip out more than once or twice. I think I might be the champ of ripping out myself :wink:
When I first started knitting, I spent as much time on here as I did knitting :teehee: After you get the hang of it, it should be [U]FUN[/U].
Happy Knitting