Scary pregnancy problem

Many of you know that I’m now 8 weeks pregnant with my second baby–my husband’s first. This morning (I’m SOOO sorry if this is TMI but I feel comfortable here…) I noticed spotting and dh immediately called my doctor. My doctor, btw, is the only one in a private practice so after hour phone calls roll to his cell. We had to leave a message but he called back in 5 minutes and said it happens sometimes–doesn’t mean anything is wrong and is likely nothing to worry about if it’s not “flowing” like a period (which is wasn’t) and if it doesn’t accompany cramps (which it didn’t). He also said to watch it for the week–no intercourse–call if it continues. That was 10:00 this morning and since then I’ve had no spotting or other problems. Have any of you other moms ever experienced this–I’m so afraid–I didn’t experience this with with first child. Dh also looked up info on the internet and said that something sites indicated that it happens in as many as 25% of women and is more common in the first trimester during the time you would have had a period through when you would have ovulated (which would be now for me). All of this information has been a little reassuring but I still can’t get it off my mind. To make matter worse–this happened just after we were “intimate” and so dh feels like he did something wrong. If any of you have experienced something similar and have experiences to share or advice to offer–I’d really appreciate it.

Cristy - first of all, huge hug!!! I almost didn’t reply because I didn’t want you to think I have anything really useful to say. My pregnancy was uneventful except for constant 24 7 “morning” sickness for about 7 months. But I think doctors now are so into the CYA thing that if there was a chance anything was really wrong he would have wanted to see you or something. So you and your DH should really try to breathe easy.

It never happened to me in my three pregnancies but I had a close friend that DID spot when she was pregnant and it was “normal” for her. But stay in close touch with your doctor and his/her advice. God bless you and the sweet baby. :heart:

thanks guys…like both of you–I had no problems in my first and I’ve never known anyone who had spotting that didn’t miscarry. The only thing keeping me in high hopes right now is that the spotting was momentary and hasn’t come back–and believe me–I’ve checked constantly.

Big, gentle hugs. I did what you’re doing and all was fine, try to worry a bit less :wink: AND I found that these things mostly happen on the weekends when you can’t run in for a quick check, just another something to stress us. Just take it easy and pay close attention to how you’re feeling. Think of it as a good excuse to put your feet up and knit-Nikki’s orders.

Thanks Nikki–I immediately took my dd to see Cars to get my mind off of it and I’ve been on the couch most of the rest of the day (although I’m feeling guilty b/c the house is a mess!). I’ll try to follow your orders!

I hope that everything is ok- Christy. I had some spotting with my first, which of course put me in a panic, just like you!! Just take it easy, and call the Doc on Monday if you have any questions- that is why they are paid the big bucks. My OB saw me many times, just for “peace of mind” checks.
:heart: to you and your little one.

This happened to me with my second pregnancy at about 10 weeks I guess. The doctor told me that this is a period when the placenta is growing rapidly, tapping into the blood vessels of the uterine wall, and that some leakage occurs. Just take it easy and follow his instructions. You should be fine. :pray:

Thanks guys. I’m hanging in there–my next appointment isn’t for 3 more weeks which feels like an eternity! That’s the heartbeat appointment…I’ll call him again if I have any more problems…so far so good and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

I never had spotting in my healthy pregnancies – only the one I lost. BUT I know scads of women who have had spotting without incident. I have a sizeable group of friends who have suffered child loss at various stages, and I would venture to say that at least 3/4 of them have had spotting during their helathy pregnancies. I can think of four off the top of my head who are pregnant right now and had early spotting. There are sooo many reasons for spotting, and while it’s soemthign you should keep an eye on obviously, it’s not necessarily a sign of serious trouble. (((HUGS)))

Spotting sometimes also occurs when your period would have been. doesn’t really make sense to me, but pregnancy is a funny time of life! And spotting definitely can happen after “marital relations” or extramarital for that matter :smiley: .

And just because this is your second pregnancy, don’t think it will be ANYTHING like your first! My second pregnancy was so different, I just knew it must be a girl (my first was a boy). The child that arrives will also be VERY different than your first! It’s almost like you need a new owner’s manual.

Rest, rest, rest! Maybe what you really need is more knitting! I know it’s hard with another child, but you really need to focus on doing what is right for you and your growing body. Maybe now is the time to find a series of books you and your daughter enjoy that you can read aloud to her. It would give you the time to rest, and she would feel that you are spending special time with her. It would be a neat tradition to follow when you are trying to feed the baby during those feeding marathons and she could get attention too!

And another thing to remember…Don’t hesitate to call your doctor if you have questions or a concern. They are used to crazy women calling :wink: They wouldn’t be in obstectrics if they couldn’t handle us!

I had some spotting for one afternoon in the early stages of my first pregnancy. I was out shopping with my dad and didn’t want to discuss the issue with him, but I kept going to the bathroom in every place we went, just to make sure it wasn’t getting worse. It never happened again, though. I’m sure everything will be fine…good luck!

Hugs your way, my friend :wink: I had spotting at approx. the same time frame as you and everything was okay, the doc just had me stay off of my feet for a week :wink:

I spotted at about 7 weeks and totally freaked out…we went in, had an u/s, and found that the little monkey was fine. Spotting is normal - it’s just your body’s way of reacting to stress. A lot of things are happening right now, and eventhough this is your second, it’s still soooo different from the ‘normal’ state of things.

I was put on pelvic rest for three days. I think it was more for me to chill out and try to relax.

{{{HUGS}}} I know it’s so hard not to freak out over everything. Like your dr said, as long as it’s not clots, and it’s not accompanied by cramps, chances are that it’s just the baby’s way of letting you know that they’re there. :wink:

I am a sonographer (I do ultrasound) and we see this all the time. It is not unusual. Hang in there! Your doctor will hopefully do an ultrasound so you can see the embryo with a heartbeat and rest assured. The way it works is this: if the embryo survives the event that causes the bleeding, it will, in most cases, go on as a normal pregnancy.

Christy, It happened to me on both pregnancies. It happened around 4 months. The doctor didn’t have any explanation but both my boys were perfect. I know it is hard not to worry but I believe everything is just fine. I remember when it happened with my first, it was so scarey.

Christy, It happened to me on both pregnancies. It happened around 4 months. The doctor didn’t have any explanation but both my boys were perfect. I know it is hard not to worry but I believe everything is just fine. I remember when it happened with my first, it was so scarey.

I had bleeding with 2nd pregnancy quite a lot actually and lots of other issues too (that had nothing to do with bleeding) but my little bundle of joy turned 2 last month and is in good shape I think after having a great first pregnancy witch I did someone was just reminding me what a miracle it really is!!!Good luck

This comment is for DH:

When I was pregnant with my first, I had a little spotting a couple of times. However, since the father lived in another town and was never around, it was not related to intercourse. DH shouldn’t feel guilty because this can happen without any contact.

:heart: Hugs for both of you!

Congratulations on the pregnancy!

I’ve worked as a doula and midwives assistant for years and have spotted in all of my pregnancies, so heres one more vote for enjoy and relax. I’m sorry that scared you. It is so scary. This has happened with three of my children. Spotting for less then a day and then it was as if nothing ever happened and the pregnancies continued normally.

With my last baby I spotted for weeks, and she was fine as well. I had lots of ultrasounds with her as weeks of spotting was so stressful.

Sometimes it happens because of intimacy, being constipated, and/or exertion (too much work or lifting of heavy objects), implantation, etc. And sometimes we dont know why. But dont worry, just because it happened that one time doesnt mean it will continue. This sounds very very normal.

Let us know how the next couple of days go.