Scary Knitting

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]I found this on You Tube. I thought it was cute.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Also check out “The Last Knit”[/SIZE][/FONT]
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All I can really say is, Wow.

haha The first one creeped me out a bit, but the second one’s really cute :smiley: And I really like her sweater!

I wonder if those, what you call them, death knits are some type of art exhibit?

I kept looking under knitting clips in YouTube and found this segment about our Manly knitters! It was cool and this guy knits with sharpened pool cues!!!

I will admit that the first video did creep me out also, but, I still liked it. I found several knitting videos on the site.

I think what scares me more than the actual FO (of the first video) is the fact that some one had to THINK the stuff up first!

My friend just found out that she is having twins, and I’m pretty sure we’d no longer be friends if I knit her some conjoined teddy bears.

well, now we know how ArtLady’s vacation really turned out…

Holy cow! What shocked me the most was the guy knitting a hammock with those giant needles! LOL!

The first video are crocheted objects by Patricia Waller. I love them! And yes, it was an art installation.

She’s done much more than the cartoon deaths though. i love the dichotomy of that series.

here is a link to her site