Scary knitted toys

found this on youtube and thought it was grose. teenage boys i guess would love it though, my 5 year old thought it was great :ick:

Eeewwww! How sickening!

yay!! personally i love them, I would like to make the unicorn. i cant believe how much detail is in the prosthetic limbs. and aren’t the siamese teddy bears cute? … just me? oh ok then, no no, it’s ok, i can put the straight jacket on by myslef.

i can see the art and the skill in them, but the subject i must confess leaves me cold. my 5 year old thinks tehre great as well. my dp thinks tehre fun also so your not alone.

The “art of the projects” are pretty detailed… doesn’t look like “knitting” too me…all of the “projects” are beyond morbid, I wouldn’t let me “6” year old even look at em…

I have watched it before and I couldn’t sleep for a week! You can’t make me watch it again!!! No!!!

The knitted dentures cracked me up since I used to work in dentistry. I’d actually knit a pair.
The rest of it though was a little off and made me think to myself “what the…”.
To me most of the stuff didn’t look knitted but maybe it was just my monitor.

Here are a couple I found on Ravelry.

the dentures made me laugh as well, but the rest is just awful. i did think what the hell as well. i watched it through because i couldnt believe what i was watching.

i did see the killer rabbit on ravelry last night whilst looking for kids toys to make my 5 year old. thankfully he didnt see that one. he saw the other one on youtube over my shoulder, i didnt know he was watching it until the end when i turned around and saw his face. trouble is he loved them!! strange child lol

Have you seen this yarn? It’s called Vitreous Humor and it looks . . . em, interesting. People either love it or hate it.

Having a macabre sense of humor, I can appreciate these on several levels. For one, the artistry. Two, the humor.
Thirdly, the prothetics are amazing.

Am I going to knit them? No, although dh would like the yellow ducky with axe.

I wouldn’t want my grandchild seeing this. I can’t see any humor in it. The only thing I see is someone trying to get a child messed up in the head like they are. It’s not knitted, except for the dentures. Stuff such as that just makes me angry. What is up with this world, anyway? Just my opinion.

For someone with so much talent, why so morbid. I just don’t get it.
:?? Although, I thought the teeth were funny!

That rabbit is just nasty. I’m not watching YouTube, but if there’s more like that, I’ll pass anywayz. shuddering

The killer rabit is not made up. it is a knock off from “monty python and the holy grail”

These are just too funny! I love the cutesy little rabbit ones. and the prostethic limbs roflmao! They don’t look knitted exactly but some of them could be and it would be hard to tell from that distance. They look knitted and then starched like crazy. Anyway, these may be “toys” but they clearly weren’t made for children. It’s comedy. I too enjoy the ducky. My DBF would get a kick out of some of them.

um, thats totally grose. better not show ds or dp that one as they’d both think it was great (both the same mental age hehe).

i wasnt impressed my 5 year old watched it tbh. but he was stood behind me and i didnt realise he was there. he saw the lot and thought they were funny thankfully. and also thankfully it was first thing, if he had to go to bed after god help us both. neitherof us would have slept. i must adit i only go onto you tube to learn new knitting skills that i cant find on here. and i think i wasnt really opaying attention to what i was doing as i was on the phone to dp and found it totally by mistake, not my cupa tea must admit. although the dentures were good. they made me think of my gran who used to leave her’s laying about everywhere which was grose on its own hehe.

i havent been backl on ther since i must admit

I need those patterns!

Yeah, I had a great grandmother who had dentures and they did look a bit scary, when I was little. I just have a problem with things that look cartoonish, which attracts the little ones, but are not really made for them. Like the cartoon Family Guy, etc.

What does DP stand for? I’m very behind in the abbreviations on the web.

What does DP stand for? I’m very behind in the abbreviations on the web.[/quote]
dp is dear partner. i’l useless at them as well, just know that one hehe