Scary Gator

Here’s something we have in Florida, lurking in ponds and marshes:

I am always astounded by 3 things visitors to Florida seem to do every year:

  1. swim where a gator is nearby, and VISIBLE
  2. get sunburned
    (we have sunblock here with a factor of like, a million. Actually, it’s about a 50 spf)
  3. swim in the ocean, with a cut, or while having their period.
    Sharks are attracted to that, ya know.
    Inevitably, a few tourists get bitten by sharks every summer.
    I don’t venture into the ocean deeper than my knees, and, only if I can see what’s around me.

I’m from NY and I can’t agree with you more. My friends and family get a kick out of me and how I’m always saying “That’s not a way I’m ever going to die” to the stupid human tricks you hear all the time. Everything you mentioned - not a way I’m going to die.

In defense of the eternally pale, I am sure that if I ever set foot in Florida I would have a sunburn. I wear SPF [B]75!![/B] sunscreen up here if I am planning on being outside for more than 10 minutes,and I still have to reapply that every 90 mins to prevent burns.

My poor boyfriend is the same way until he gets his first tan at least. no matter how much I slather him with the highest SPF, on the hour, every hour. and I get the sport kind, so he doesn’t sweat it off or it won’t come of in the water, he still burns. but at least he only burns the first time out in the sun. after that burn he gets reaaaaally dark (which makes his green eyes look like light bulbs) and then he no longer burns if he keeps sunblock on and keeps some tan going. but if he doesn’t keep going out in the sun and allows himself to get all pale again then he burns again no matter how diligent we are with the sunblock.

Neutrogena makes a 70 sunscreen, it’s nice, not greasy and unscented. I’ve had skin cancer since 1992 so I can’t get burned. This stuff is great.
I’ll add one more thing to the list: People who walk their dogs near a body of fresh water here. Duh, gators just think you are offering them an appetizer. We had some moron get his dog eaten today here. His comment was “well I saw the gator sunning itself on the bank and on the asphalt nearby, I walk my dog here every day.” Anyway, now the gator gets to be someone’s new shoes because of that idiot. :grrr: The stupidity of some human beings never ceases to amaze me.

You sound like a smart person. Not like some of these bubbas we have around here. :wink:

Sorry about your skin cancer. My dad, and now my older brother, get those little “things”, that have to be cut out.
You know, I was JUST thinking about how people let little Fido run around near the pond, where gators could be.
I don’t much care about whether a gator is killed or not, they ARE brainless eating machines, when hungry, but, yeah, it makes me angry when an animal is killed because of a careless human.
I get angry when a person just starts hacking away at a snake, no matter if it’s poisionous or not. They cut up black racers, green snakes, whatever. Ridiculous.

I’ve lived in Florida almost all my life, was born here.
I never would sit for an hour in the sun, during the summer.
Good grief! The sun here is so much hotter, and intense.
The key is to be in the sun for short periods of time. Watch the weathermen, or look at the sunburn time they mention: sometimes it takes only 10 minutes in the sun to be burned.
On those days, I try to not be outside at all.
The beach can wait.

If you come to Florida in the summertime, which is from April to September, worst months being June, July, and August, only go out for 15 minutes at the most.
Then, you won’t burn.

He gets sunburned when we snowboard (on his face), he’ll get sunburned when we bike ride, or go rollerblading, or go hiking. this is not like we are sunbathing. It just him being OUTSIDE. We like to exercise outside when we get the chance. And yes we do not go when the sun is the hottest. That just his skin type. We are always doing an activity when he has gotten burned. we have actually never been to the beach when he has been burned. We won’t go to the beach if he is pale. why ask for a burn?

Not all sunscreens are created equal. Even if it says SPF 50, or 75, it may not block all of the suns rays. You’d be surprised by some of the namebrand sunblocks that aren’t really protecting you at all. Check it out. Coppertone is one of the worst offenders. :eyebrow2:

Another Florida Native here. No offense, but I think a limit of 15 minutes outside is a little unrealistic for Florida summers. Who wants to be inside during the summer? I’ve spent many summer days on the water, at the beach, at theme parks, in the back yard. And still, can’t remember the last time I’ve had a sunburn. :wink:

You just have be prepared for the sun.

  1. Wear a GOOD sunblock. Do your research, find a high rated sunscreen. I use Blue Lizard.
  2. Remember that wearing sunblock doesn’t make you immune all day. You always have to reapply sunblock throughout the day.
  3. Wear a hat and/or light clothing.
  4. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. By the time you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.
  5. Protect your eyes and lips with sunglasses and lip balm.

On another note, I just heard another story about a lady whose dog was eaten by a gator at a park. There are at least 3 signs warning that there are alligators in the lake, yet she let her little terrier run loose. She said she never saw any signs. :doh:

I live in southern CA and we have the same issues with the sun. If you are really sensitive to sun, no matter where you live, you should consider getting some sun protective clothing. My DH got some pants and a jacket from Sun Precautions and he never gets burned through it when he’s out on the boat. No place to hide there so this is a good thing. The clothing isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it not to get skin cancer not to mention the aging effects it causes.

Another Floridian? Oh boy! Aren’t we just the greatest! :smiley:

Where in Florida are you from, photolady? I was just hanging out in the Everglades the other day as a matter of fact, though I didn’t see any alligators thank god.

My advice for him: become an introvert, and hang out at public