SCARY baby pattern pic

EEK! :help:

Here’s a baby I dont want to nibble on!

Doesnt LionBrands have a marketing dept that could see this was a CREEPY looking pic??? :shock:

that looks like a floating baby head. at first i thought it was a doll but i can see the teeth. i don’t think too many dolls show teeth do they? (i don’t allow dolls around me much so i have no idea!)

as it is, that is NOT a baby hat that i wanna make so it is okay…off to look for a cuter pattern than that…

:roflhard: :roflhard: I agree Kelly!

Hi Kelly,

I think that’s a very ugly looking DOLL!

No eyelashes or eyebrows and the face is WAY too symetrical - no REAL newborn in the world could have a totally even skin tone like that.

The hat would look better on a live model I’m sure.

Scary sight for this early in the morning though.


I just took another look at that site and there’s a note saying the hat was shown on a 14" doll - WHEW. Not an ugly baby, just an ugly doll.

I thought it was weird that a premie had teeth.

OH…Its ABSOLUTELY a doll, but what mom in her right mind would BUY that doll for her little one? (I used “one” instead of “girl” just for Femmy! :wink: )

Maybe they weren’t selling so the manufacturer gave them all to Lionbrands to use as hat models??

I agree - I never would have bought that for my kids.

A doll’s supposed to make you HAPPY, not want to run screaming in the other direction!

“Better behave, honey, or Mommy will make you play with THE DOLL!”

“No, Mommy, no, please! Not THE DOLL!”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Ingrid…have I ever told you that I just LOVE your little “comments from the peanut gallery”??

No, would you like to? Oh! you just did. Thanks! :smiley:

:shock: thats one homely looking baby doll but ya know who would want it?? My little girl I think she is on a mission of saving the ugly dolls which is very sweet maybe she will grow up to have kind old soul. I buy her cute ones she won’t play with those instead she wants this kind of doll and it becomes her favorite and I’m sitting over there going but look Roo look how cute this one is… nothing… thats why I’m trying to figure out if I should spend the money to get her a Zapf interactive baby doll for Christmas or just go get her a cheap ugly one lol… :lol:

The worst part is that I think that’s one of those “newborn” collector dolls they advertise in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens. They are ten times more expensive than little kids’ dolls and a thousand times uglier. :shock:

it is a doll. it is a La Lullaby doll that is like 12 bucks. my kids have several. they are cute in person. some of mine have teeth also. they are the type that are reborn into those expensive dolls. but they really don’t look that bad in person!

If it’s supposed to be a newborn, why does it have teeth?!?

OMG, you made me snort :roflhard:

OUCH! :shock:

because a 2 yr old doesn’t care if their doll is a newborn or not they just want one with teeth

:roflhard: Carmell, I guess that’s true! And, thank you for your insight into the mind and logic of a 2-yr old! :roflhard: I forget they sometimes dont exactly live in OUR reality!

its funny that when you spend 24/7 365 with just kids your brain starts to think like them! :lol:

aw shucks, thanks. :heart: