Ok - got some pictures at last.

I won’t be doing the scrunchable scarf again because the pattern is annoing: have to consentrate = k2, p1.

I like both of them very much. Thanks for all your help everyone - couldn’t have done it without you.


[color=grey][size=2]The Mod Squad was here - Photo Resized[/size][/color]

nice scarves but oooooooooo look at that cute baby!! :heart: :thumbsup:

Very nice!! I love those colors in the scrunchable scarf! :thumbsup:

I must second that thought on the scrunchable scarf it look Mahhhhhvolous!

LOVELY!! I love, love your scarves!! I really love the scrunchable…it looks very soft & cuddly :wink:

Beautiful! Nice color choices. :cheering:

Nice job! :thumbsup:

pretty color combos!!

It does take SOME concentration, but LOOK at your result! They look FANTASTIC!

And…um…I dont see a baby. :??

baby in the av kk?? I don’t see one in the pics either.

Great scarves! Love the black and mint especially.

nice coloring. Are you using a pattern or making them up.

Very pretty! :smiley:

Oh wow those are really beautiful!! I can’t decide which one I like the best!

Thanks guys,

The scrunchable is for my friend and she told me that the colours that suit her best are dark brown, bottle green and turquoise. Couldn’t find turquoise so I used mint instead. Pictures were taken with a Kodak which isn’t as good with colours as Olympus.

That’s me and my daughter Talya in the avatar.

Awww, Tayla is a cutie pie! I’ll bet you snuggle her like that all the time!

The scarves are lovely!!

aww what a cutie!!!

Great job I love the colors!! :cheering: I did the scrunchable scarf well at least I thought I was but then I realized I CO one off can’t remeber if it was one less or one to many :doh: :rofling: