I am looking for a nice cable scarves. I have done the 3 that is on this site. but I am still looking. I would love something nice and fun thanks… NEED all the help I can get:muah:


Check out patterns here:

plus you can google for ‘cable scarf knit pattern’ or similar and find even more to look at.

Good luck in your search - let us know which one you choose.

I knitted a cable scarf last year that I gifted. I used a cable pattern from a sweater pattern that I liked and just added a border stitch on each side and it turned out great. I used a celtic knot cable stitch.

You can do an Internet search to find that cable stitch pattern. It turned out really nice.

So, don’t limit yourself to ‘cable scarf patterns’… just look for cables in other knitting and think of it being used as a scarf instead.

Don’t forget Silver’s Palindrome (it really ought to be linked in the pattern section)

Thank you all Thanks sooo much…

I second this :cool:

I am working on that as we speak and it’s a great and easy pattern to remember.
Should have added another repeat, but making it longer. Using DK weight instead. Should have been a Tam, but now it’s going to be a scarf. HAHAHA