They all look great. My scarf is already more than half done, but it’ll be a small one. It only consists of 100 grams of yarn and it’s knitted with 8 mm needles, so that goes really quick.

Ohhhh, I’m in! I am working on the Rainy Day scarf using Malabrigo in Oceanos colorway. I will post pics as soon as I get my camera back.

I love knitting scarves!! :yay::yay:

I love your branching out scarf. What yarn did you use?

Cinnamon Girl - the other KAL with sports stuff is the Super Fan Knitting (approximate name). I started casting on the scarf yesterday, but I’m not sure I’m satisfied with the pattern I chose (wide stripes, knit wide and sewn in half).

Hey everone!

Lieke, I checked out your blog!! :woohoo: So interesting to read about your adventures, knitting and non-knitting and take a look at all your wonderful knitting projects. Thanks for sharing with those of us who are non-bilingual.

angel4ever, your rainy day scarf looks awesome. I’m inspired and casting mine on today:cheering:

robynbird I look forward to seeing your scarf!! I love that pattern and would like to make it this fall (for me!!). I just need to get my hands on some more Malabrigo first.

skybluepink I look forward to seeing your Oceanos too!! You’re suggestion of the rainy day scarf was just what I was looking for so thanks again.:woot:

lissie thank you!! I used Elsebeth Lavold silky wool, a single hank of periwinkle. It’s very light and airy.

cftwo that sounds very sporty looking. Is it stockinet or ribbing. I did a scarf last winter for my future daughter-in-law to give to her brother for Christmas. He’s a big Steelers fan so I did wide stripes of bright yellow and black. It was a ribbed pattern in a chunky yarn. I wasn’t crazy about it but apparently he was and it was warm. I also got a lot of funny looks on the train when I was working on it… I live in Eagles country.

Well happy knitting everyone, back to work for me. Lunch is over.

Thanks cinnamon girl. I hope it’s a bit understandable. It’s harder to translate from dutch to english than to write just in english (don’t know how that comes, it’s very weird).

About the KAL. My scarf is finished!

I’ll post pics tomorrow. it’s to dark now. (I tried to make a photo from my little doggy wearing the scarf, but I don’t have good light, so I’ll try again tomorrow)

Here are the promised photo’s. The yarn I uses is sirdar fizz.

My little doggy wearing the scarf:

ooh i like ur scarf and yor dogs soo cute i found my cam ill defently post my pics up tonight. (hopefully ill be finished by then)

I’m in. I’m working on one now, with another one planned as soon as this one’s finished.

Love the doggie with the scarf!! Too cute!!

Lieke I love your scarf, great colours!

i finished my scarf! its not very nice tho…oh well next time ill know to put a border on it. the blue one is for my brothers birthday (tomorow) and the purple is the 1st scarf i ever knited (about a month ago maybe 2) i might knit another one now :happydance:

Ooh!! Some finished scarfs!! :happydance:

hob, very nice work!! I bet your brother will really like his scarf and your first one looks great!! The best part is you learn something new with each new project. :cheering:

What a fun scarf Lieke, I like the colors and your model is so cute!!!

I started my rainy day scarf yesterday and ended up frogging it after 2 pattern repeats just before I went to bed. I decided to use 10.5 (US) needles rather than the 9 the pattern called for. I like it just a little less dense. I hope it doesn’t hurt me on the yardage but we’ll see. I’ve got 15" done with the larger needles so maybe I’ll post a pic later tonight.

Here’s a pic of the yarn wound into a ball before I started knitting (just cause I like to post and look after pictures. Hope you do too!)

thats nice yarn and thanks for being so nice about my lame scarfs.

I frogged my rainy day scarf as well :pout:. I love the pattern, but the purple mystery is not really showing off the pattern as it is intended. I decided to do a ripple pattern for my scarf instead. I’ll post pictures soon. :balloons:

My Malabrigo is a darker color (paris night) too angel4ever. Maybe that’s why the pattern doesn’t show up as well. I really pictured it in a nice big poofy cable but I should have ordered 2 skeins. oh well, I’m going to keep knitting and see how it goes.
Here’a pic


Your scarf looks great! I like it :slight_smile:

Okay here are pictures of a ripple scarf that I am working on. I think this pattern is better suited for this color of malabrigo than the rainy day scarf (I will definitely try that pattern again when I have a different color. Perhaps I’ll use it with my orchid malabrigo…)

Very nice pattern choice for your Malabrigo angel4ever!! That looks beautiful!!

THanks :hug:

Is it too late for me to join?

I don’t see why not LauraD! :cheering:
Welcome to our little group? Are you working on a scarf now?