why should u join my knit along? well because scarves are fun quick grate stash busters good gifts for Christmas(yes i know that a very long time away but best get ready) there are lots of kinds out there so all levels of knitters can join in, you could easy make your own pattern… and lots more reasons I’m sure. id love to see what everyone comes up with.join me you kn u want to.

I’m in hob! Scarfs are actually one of my first knitting loves, for all the reasons you mentioned. :woot:
And my DD, who does such nice things for me, just asked me this weekend, if I would knit a scarf for her new Grandmother-in-law (is there such a thing? you know, her new hubby’s grandmother). So how could I say no.
Apparently Grandmom greatly admired a scarf DD was wearing I had made so she would like to give her one for Christmas. I offered to teach DD to knit but so far she hasn’t taken me up on it:shrug:

It will be a cable pattern, maybe the same one I made before but we need to shop for yarn so it may take me a few days to get moving on it but I’ll join. I’d love to see scarfs everyone is working on too.

I’m in too, I’m currently working on two scarves with another one planned as soon as I finish one of the others. I like scarves. I wear them in the lecture halls at Uni - its cold in there!!!

I am in! I have always wanted to be part of a KAL! :woohoo:

I am currently working on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I cast on this weekend, and only get to work on it after 11pm. From 8-11 I have to make sure I am working on the baby blanket I am making, coz it needs to be done by the baby shower Sept 2nd.

I have so many scarves I want to make this fall tho, now that I can do lace and cable and I want to learn all the variations in between.

I love cables too and just made my first lace scarf this summer Krystal. One of the next ones I wnat to do is the Irish Hiking Scarf or maybe the one Silver just posted that is based on it, but reversible.

I’m excited to get going, just have to decide what scarf first. To complicate matters I just bought a single skein of Malabrigo and am looking for a pattern that will work with the yardage in just 1 skein (215yds.) I know, I know, 1 skein!:shrug: What was I thinking?? Any ideas. I think cables typically require more yarn so I may have to do something else.

Anyway, here’s a pic of my Branching Out scarf, my forst lace project.
My photography is not the most cretive but I really enjoyed this scarf.

I am going to do this. I need the inspiration to knit a scarf that I promised my friend. I am making a simple one of the chicago bears colors.

Well I made a little graphic for the KAL if anyone wants to use it. I was all excited to finally be part of a KAL I just had to have a graphic for my sig. ha.

Here are some progress pics of my Irish Hiking Scarf. I am using Knit Picks Shine Sport. I will most likely make this scarf again in a more cable friendly yarn. This yarn doesn’t hide them, but it also doesn’t showcase them very well.

I’m currently knitting a scarf using my yummy malabrigo. I borrowed this pattern from another poster. It’s called the Rainy Day scarf. It’s soooo pretty. I’ll try to post pictures of my progress later this afternoon. I’ve knitted about 3 1/2inches of it already and it’s coming out pretty nice. The pattern sort of has a “mini cable” look which is making the scarf that much prettier…:slight_smile:

I’m in as well. At the moment I’m knitting a garter stitch scarf with novelty yarn. You’d think that’s easy, but my lack of swatching made me frog the thing twice, which is NOT easy with this yarn. I’m going to cast on again today and show you soon.

I’ll give it a try! I’m a totally new knitter, this will be my first project other than practice swatches. :knitting:

Hmm. Is it possible to do 1 project for 2 KALs? I’m doing a Cleveland Browns scarf (or will be, as soon as I finish my nephew’s sweater) and I’m also doing 2 knit scarves for my grandmothers for Christmas.

oh im so glad to see you all in this KAL im half way done i need to ad a trim as well i think ill try and put photos up soon. i lost my cam tho… will defentay get pics u by sat. oh krystal thank you so much for the graphic your cables look realy nice what yarn are u useing?

I am using knit picks shine sport in “river”. I have about 6 skeins on hand, I purchased for a summer top. I had finished about half the top, decided I didn’t like it, and wanted a scarf instead. lol.

Angel4Ever; I looove that pattern. I can’t wait till I get some yarn that is perfect for it. I am still waiting to find it.

How do I add the scarf KAL pic to my sig? I already have one pic in my sig & it keeps telling me that I can only use one pic. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Me too!! I’d love to add the scarf KAL but I can’t add it. What’s the trick?? :shrug:
Thanks Krystal for making it! And love your scarf. That yarn is really pretty in that pattern.

And I think I’m going to do the rainy day scarf as well with my Paris nights Malabrigo!! Maybe we borrowed it from the same poster angel4ever.

cftwo, I don’t see why you can’t. What’s the other KAL? I noticed ajp2181 is doing one in the chicago bears colors.

EileenInWI, unlike the Yarn Harlot, I think a scarf is the perfect first project. Have you picked a pattern and yarn yet?

Lieke, looking forward to your pics. If it’s anything like your socks it’ll be beautiful.

And thanks again hob for starting this. Such a simple idea but so many scarfs to share. It should be fun.

I didn’t upload the picture I just used the code… (you can hotlink from my website if you want I have a TOOOOON of space I don’t use, but it will be gone Oct 1st.)

Go in to edit your sig, and in the top right above the smilies there is a star, above the star is an A button in a red lined box. Click that button. You will now see the BB code.

Go to the bottom or top wherever you want the scarf link to go, and paste this code into that spot.


Then click the A button again and it will show the scarf link was added. Save your sig and you are done.

I didn’t upload the picture I just used the code… (you can hotlink from my website if you want I have a TOOOOON of space I don’t use, but it will be gone Oct 1st.)

Copy the code below.


Paste this into your sig. Then[B][SIZE=2] remove all the red stars.[/SIZE][/B]
Then click save and it should be there.


cinnamon_girl, love the yarn color.

Okay, here is my progress on my rainy day scarf…

I’m in! I started Silver’s Palindrome scarf using malabrigo yarn I was gifted. It’s awesome!!! I’ve never used malabrigo before and it is like buttah!