Hullo all!-

I want to make two scarves, but need a little help with a pattern.

I just learned how to make cables, and I would looove to have a boss cable scarf to put my skills to use!
I really like the sample Amy used in the cable video and was wondering if anyone knows a pattern similiar to that. And I still don’t know how to keep the edges from rolling when working with stockinette stitch, so if you have any pointers, that would be excellent!

The other scarf I would like to make is one for my brother who looks like Harry Potter. I want to make a scarf for him in Gryffindor colours, with thick stripes and fringe. But I want to make it using double knitting and I don’t really know how to do that. I’ve watched Amy’s video, but I don’t know how to cast on and such, so if any of you have really really primitive instructions you’d like to share, that would be lovurly!!!

thank you so much!!!

First off, double knitting is kind of difficult. I would suggest that you knit it in the round. It would be double thick, with no wrong side. Just a suggestion.

Look at the free patterns above. There are some nice cabled scarves there.

Stockinette st curls by nature. To prevent it, knit the first and last 5 or so stitches of each row to create a garter stitch border, which will prevent curling.

I :heart: :heart: knitting scarves in the round…many possibilities; when you use stripes in the round there is a technique that you use to make sure that the join at the point of color change is straight and you can find it here; when you get to the site you will see a cool pair of ‘tulip’ socks…scroll down until you see the heading: ‘avoiding the jog’…it’s very easy :wink:


I am doing harry potter scarves for my sisters, and I found a good pattern here.

It tells you how to make the scarves circular so that they are double thick using circs. If you make them before me, you have to email me and let me know!!


My favorite cable scarf is the Irish Hiking Scarf. It’s quick and the pattern isn’t too complicated but looks very impressive when finished!

You are all incredible!!!

I loooove the Irish Hiking Scarf and the patterns that you gave me for the Harry Potter scarf. I always wondered about how to avoid a jog when you switch colours. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!

I’ve also started the ‘Besotted Scarf’ on the same website [] which is so cute unique! You might want to check it out.



I did the besotted scarf for a friend of mine and it really turned out nice. I enjoyed knitting both so much that I may work on more this winter!