Scarves....What Is An Innovative Way to Finish?

I’m tired of the same ol’ tassels on scarves. I have an Irish Hiking scarf I’d like to give away, but how else can you finish it off? If you have pics or links to some I’d love to see them!!!

Nicky Epstein to the rescue!

her books have great ideas–thousands of them!

[B][U]Knitting on the edge,[/U][/B]
[B][U]knitting over the edge [/U][/B]
[B][U]knitting beyond the edge

[/U][/B]are a wonderful addition to any knitting library.
over 1001 ideas (and really there are more–you can look and say, Oh, i like that pattern, but in that color scheme… and now you have 1002 or 2001!

they list for $30 or so, (so 300+ patterns for 30 bucks means each idea is a dime–a bargain at twice the price) and you can sometimes find them in Michaels, or JoAnnes, or… and get them 30%, or 40% or more off!

most stitch dictionaries have some edging designs, but these three volumes are a treasure trove.

? gather each end together and make a big pompom and sew on??

A gal at our Knitter’s Guild meeting last month had a scarf on that was cute. When she binded off she dropped some of the stitches (at intervals) so that it made a ladder column. I copied on a scard but you have to pull some extra yarn or cut and tie and start again.

How about curlicues? You’ll need to adjust sizes but here is an example of how to knit one: CO 20 sts, knit into front and back of each st = 40 sts and then BO purlwise. That’s it.:wink: