Scarves for soldiers

hi there

there is a group collecting scarves to send over for the soldiers. they have to be a certain size and color.

anyway…they ask they be knitted so as to not “curl” up on the ends. What stitch should I use. I dont really know how to knit. :knitting: Want to learn how enuff to make a few scarves for the troops.

if anyone else is interested i can send you the info.

i have to get my how-to book out to learn how to cast on again…LOL:muah: :muah:

Hi! Yes, please send the info on the scarves needed for soldiers. Last year I knitted a bunch of scarves for friends, family and the community elderly. I used one ball of homespun, working from the center pull and the outside thread so I could use a double strand. I cast on 12 stitches and knit each row to the end of the hank of yarn. They were very warm, very nice and squishy in the garter stitch (each row knit) and fast to work up. I don’t know if this’d be suitable, but thought you’d like to know about it.


PS - I used size 19 needles

Ruthie…thats my Mom’s nickname…lol

OK…I will send you the info. Email me at and I will reply with it.

Does the knit stitch curl up on ends?? Yarn has to be 100% wool.

Thanks Ruthie

I am going to e-mail you for the info. Knitting every row is garter stich and it doesn’t curl. Stockinette stich is knitting 1 row and purling the next and it does curl. You can use stockinette but ou would need a garter stich border. Hope this helps.:x:

Would this be something good to learn contintental knitting on? I have been wanting to try that method .

Sure. By the time you’re done with the scarf conti knitting will feel like second nature.

That is a really great idea! I think I’ll try that!!!

Hi - This is a great video demonstration of conti knitting. I’ve been knitting conti for some time and I LOVE it. Smooth, speedy and very efficient. But I had a wrong idea about the purling and watching this video cleared it up right away. Wow, I’m really moving along at a great rate now!!! I’d recommend this for anyone wanting to learn conti. Once you get over the awkwardness of changing your style, it’s amazing how smooth this method is.…eature=related

Good luck!

Ruthie :waving:

Hi, Laurie - Thanks for this - I’ll e-mail you for the information. It’ll be coming to you from

Wonderful of you to pass this along!


Thanks for the pattern link. Please be sure and read all of the specifcs. It mentions no small holes so the pattern and size of needle might be a factor. Would hate for some not to be used after all the work that was put into it.

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