Scarves and the decorative bits at the end

Hi there all

Just was wondering about the bits at the end of the scarf, are they pieces of wool threaded through the bind off or is there a proper way to do it. Any help would be much appreciated


Cut yarn into (10 cms or so) strands. Fold two strands in half and use a crochet hook to pull the fold through one stitch in the scarf edge. Pull through just enough so that the fold forms a loop, and with the crochet hook pull the strands, from back to front, through the loop made previously, pull to tighten.

Wow… hope that made sense. :shifty:

here are pictures on how to do it

Fringe like that is great in yarn that you can use for fringe. When you can’t, there are other options. I’ve used double or tripple strands of “fun fur” type yarn and knit on an edge.

I put this kind of fringe on the end of one of my scarves, and the yarn was fraying a bit so I also added a dab of clear fingernail polish to the end of each strand of fringe.