Dear knitters,

Some of you may recall that I wrote to the forum almost a year ago wanting help regarding a scarf. I wanted to combine two colours and Amy suggested that I knit two rows of each, one after the other, throughout. So, I did that.

In order to make the edges of the scarf stand out I’ve added a third colour as shown in Picture1. However, I think that it looks better without the white as shown in Picture2.

So, my questions are:
Should I take off the white?
Do you like my scarf so far?
Is it machine washable?


Pretty scarf! I actually like it both ways. I think whether or not it is machine washable depends on what kind of yarn you used. Cotton? Wool? A blend?

Sorry not to be much help. But congrats on your work so far - very cute! :thumbsup:

Hey! Welcome back!!

I agree with you, Tamar, about the white…I REALLY like the blue and black!

And, the yarn label should tell you whether the yarn is machine washable…if you dont have it anymore, go do and look it up. You can find out there, too.

I agree with Kelly. The black and purple looks good as is.

Me three on the purple and black!

The scarf looks cool! I guess if it were me, I’d lose the white and replace it with black…

Thanks guys!

I will take off the white and knit a little more purple.

Which is the best bind off method to use for the knit stich and would look most simular to double cast on?


I don’t think you can match it exactly. Regular bind off is about the best you can do, in my experience. If you want the ends to match, and we just had this discussion recently around here, is to cast on provisionally and then pick up your live stitches and bind them off to match the other bind off end.

Thanks Ingrid.

I’d like to do the regular bind off (the other suggestion sounds good but a little complicated) and would be greatful if someone could tell me how. Amy’s video clips are all bind offs from purl stich and I’m doing a knit stich - does it matter?


No, you can do it on the knit side with knit stitches.