I am about 1/2 finished with this scarf that is to go with the slouch hat I knitted for my daughter for her birthday.

It is knitted with Juniper Moon - Moonshine in colorway 074 Brittlecone - the pattern is Seafoan Lace and Eyelets Scarf supplied by Barbara Breiter’s Knitting on the Net (free).

I’m using #7US straight needles

It’s my first foray into any kind of lace and I am definitely having fun with it!IMG_1235

Such a lovely scarf and wonderful gift. Yes, lace is so much fun to knit, sometimes challenging but always entertaining. I keep wanting to work one more row just to see what the pattern will look like.

Thanks for the pattern information too.

Yay for lace!
Looks great.

Thank, Creations!

I appreciate the kudos! I am surprised at how simple lace can be. I suspect other lace patterns may be much more difficult, but this one was a great one for a newbie like me!

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