Hi everyone, hope you are all doing fine :smiley:

I’d just like to ask for a bit of advice. Recently, I was given (!) a stash of double knit wool in various colours ( :happydance: ). I’ve decided that I’d like to use it to make a scarf for my brother. The thing is though, I’m not sure what kind of stitch I should work with to make it - I know that if I just used stockinette stitch, the scarf would curl up very easily.

I’m only a beginner though, so really I am looking for a stitch that is quite simple to do, but quite attractive to look at and touch. Also, I’m not sure how long/wide to make the scarf.

Oh, I don’t know if this will help determine what kind of stitch would work well, but the label advises 4mm (US 6) size needles.

Thanks in advance for any help you could give :smiley: :thumbsup:

I usually knit my scarves 5-6" wide.
I think size 6 would be great.
You can find lots of scarf patterns here and st. patterns here. Hope these are helpful :wink:

A K2-P2 ribbing pattern is easy for beginners (I’m one too!) and looks nice. Just make sure cast on a multiple of 4 stitches to make this work.

Here’s the scrunchable scarf pattern. Really nice, good for beginners, and won’t curl! :thumbsup:

Here’s the one I’m currently making and love how easy it is and how it looks

I’m a big fan of mistake rib for beginner scarves. There’s one on this scarf page, so you can see how it looks. :slight_smile:

A long scarf, whatever the pattern, made of DK weight will seem like the endless project if you have the kind of attention span I have. :wink: Remember that if the gauge is too small to contemplate a scarf, you can double the dk yarn and use a larger needle. It can make a very nice fabric.

Thanks everyone for all your help! :smiley: This is great!