Hey, finished this last week. I cast on around 200 stitches or so on an 8mm needle & knit away. The yarn was very nice made my Feza called Premier, has a combo of yarn, ribbon, etc…beautiful. Oh…was quite expensive, my luxurious item for the month…haha.

Rhy :XX:

gotta resize that pic. Beautiful scarf, though. I’m not brave enough to knit a scarf side to side like that.

Oh wow… I want to touch it. It looks so soft and fuzzy!

It does look soft! Great job!

Your scarf is just beautiful!! I love the yarns and colors. :wink:

Yesssssssssss, im sorry, im still trying to learn how to post pics on here…my bad.

The scarf was not easy knitting witht this yarn, but you should def. give the sideways scarf a try, new spin on an old standby( a one hank kind of project)

Have a good one!

Rhy :XX:

Very pretty! Love the colors…will be great for spring.

:smiley: Lovely scarf…love the colors :smiley: I just love scarves, can’t have enough of them & new designs come out all of the time…I could knit scarves exclusively, but then when would I knit socks :roflhard: :rofling:

Haha :roflhard: My thoughts exactly…gotta love the socks.

Rhy :thumbsup:

They are such lovely colours :heart: - brave you for knitting that sideways!

What is that yarn like to knit with? I’ve seem some yarns made from recycled sari silk online that look beautiful, I wondered if they are a similar kind of thing to what you’ve used… :thinking:

I’m not sure about sari but this stuff was a challenge & after it was finished i had to go back through it & untie the messy ties they had made, make my own neater ones & then hide the tails…but overall very much worth it.

I even saw a scarf made with a new nylon material…looked like shredded nylons dyed different colors…oh what will they come up with next…always exciting.

Rhy :XX:

I’ve just got to say that I admire your taste in yarn. That is so gorgeous. So springy and artistic. LOVE it! LOVE it!

Awwwww, thanks so much for the compliment on the yarn choice, pink really isn’t my thing, but i did buy a new pink cord jacket & this will be perfect underneath i think…

Was fun to make as well & knitting sideways is fun once you take the plunge.

Rhy :wink: