Scarf yarn question

I would really like to knit my hubby a scarf and am wondering if there are any nice yarns that I could use that does not include wool. My poor hubby is allergic to wool ( :shock: I KNOW :doh: ) So is there any hope for my man or is he doomed to acrylic?

TIA :slight_smile:

NOOOOOOOOOOO!! ALPACA!!! Knitpicks has some WONDERFUL Alpaca yarns…you may also want to look at Bernat Denimstyle. Its a NICE soft cotton blend!

Second the alpaca–so, so soft!

If I raised alpacas, whoud y’all buy my wool (or whatever it’s called)???

totally. SO I just found this stuff called ANgel Hair at Joanne Fabrics (made by Joann Fabrics) It is SOOOOO soft and I believe it is made out of acrylic. THey are doing some amazing thisngs with acrylic these days.