Scarf yarn question

You know the scarves that men wear when they are all dressed up in a tux or nice wool coat? The scarves that are a creamy color and have a kind of tassel on the ends and aren’t heavy at all but more of a lightweight decorative scarf that is semi wide but not too long (midchest)?

Well, I am wanting to make my husband one of those (not really following a pattern) and I am wondering what weight of yarn would be good to use. I was thinking maybe a fingering weight? And I want it to be tight so I would use a small size needle or would it be best to felt it ?

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love it. Thanks!


I agree, Alison, I think fingering wt would work quite nicely :smiley: KnitPicks Palette is available in cream, although, it’s 100% wool. You can find all sorts of sock yarn that is washable…have a look here and here. :smiley: