Scarf yarn for my son?

Howdy! Been MIA for a while, jewelry making taking up all my time!

So, now that the holiday rush is over, my Son (6) asked me to make him a scarf. I’d like to use either a wool blend or an acrylic because that’s mostly what’s available here. Which would you use? If it’s itchy, he won’t wear it and I want it to be pretty inexpensive because he may loose it. Any suggestions??

[B]Caron SIMPLY SOFT[/B] is my first choice!
[B]Red Heart SOFT[/B] is nice! Not too expensive, and lots of colors!
An acrylic yarn will make a nice cozy scarf! Washable, too!

I’ve had real bad experiences with Debbie Mumm for Jo-Ann Traditions. Joann’s carries it.
Ack. This is what happens to it as you knit along:

Therefore, I try to stay with the[B] “tried and true”[/B] acrylic yarns! This is not gonna
happen with good ole Caron or Red Heart brands!

Wow! Way to ruin a knitting project!! Thanks for the warning, I will steer clear of that one!!

I know they carry Caron and Red Heart at Ben Franklin so that’s what we will use. He gets to choose the color so that will narrow him down a bit.


Oh, almost forgot to say: WELCOME BACK! You were missed! :grphug:

Yeah, those two yarns would be my first suggestion as well. :thumbsup:

I also suggest using caution with scarves for kids. The long tails can get caught in bike spokes and are easy to trip over. Something that buttons seems like a hazard for kids climbing over things where it could get caught. If he’ll consent to it a cowl might be a good choice. Otherwise just keep the ends not too long. :hug:

Hey Jan, good tip! Wow! I would never have thought of that!
So a scarf that is [U]not too long[/U] would be the safest!

Thanks for the great tip!

Maybe I"ll make him a cowl, that’s a good idea. I wonder if he’d wear it. I have always wanted to make this:

But it’s pretty complicated for car knitting and stop and go knitting.
Maybe just a ribbed cowl instead. I’ll ask him. You know, he’s 6 and it has to be just right!!

Thanks ArtLady, I missed everyone too. I poked my head in now and then but didn’t post. I have been making jewelry like a maniac. I’m glad to get back to knitting now, for a while at least. My friend ordered the real fur “yarn” for me to make her a scarf so you will definitely see me when I start that. She said the pattern looks “weird” but she’s not a knitter either. Should be very nerve wracking and stressful!!!

:heart: :muah:

Six year old men can be the fussiest customers in the world! :teehee:

I agree, the Needle Beetle cowl doesn’t look like a “car worthy” project! Too many instructions to read and follow closely! I’m carsick just thinking about it! :wink:

A nice garter stitch scarf is a great “guy” pattern! Or, a 2x2 ribbed scarf!

I made a scarf for my son last Christmas, he was 4 then, using Red Heart…The yarn is blue but I don’t remember the actual name of the yarn…I used a stitch pattern by the Yarn Harlot but I can’t remember what the stitch pattern is! Maybe someone here will recognize it…I really like the way it looks, it has a nice texture and I think works great for a boy!

Here’s another pic, a close up of the stitch pattern

That looks like a good one…anyone know what that would be???

I found it!!

Rock on!! That looks awesome!! Thanks so much for looking!!! I looked but was quickly discouraged by the amount of info to wade through!!

I’ll be making this for sure, it’s lovely!!

Thanks a bunch!!


LOL! I just kept trying to remember what it was the stitch pattern was for and it was indeed for a scarf so I googled “yarn harlot scarf” and hoped I’d have some luck and sure enough, it was the very first result! You’re so welcome, glad I could help…Oh, and it’s sooo super easy to knit!

He picked red heart classic in RED!! I’ll post a pic when I’m done. Thanks so much!! I don’t have a knitting project and we are going to visit my family for Christmas. I have a VERY hard time keeping my mouth shut if my hands are idle so it’s VERY important that I have something to keep them busy.

Thanks for helping to keep the peace!!!

Happy Holidays!!

I bet it will look awesome, can’t wait to see it!

I also second the Caron Simply Soft. Very soft, easy to knit up, and cheap (i just bought 2 skeins for a scarf and paid $5 total). I swore to never get acrylic again (my first project was knit with malabrigo merino worsted, and i tried a different acrylic that was awful) but Caron simply soft changed my mind.