Scarf with sleeves

I already missed the ability in scarves to wrap them around the arms in some manner, in case you only wore a t-shirt, and it was a little cooler than expected.

(They would just “flow off my arms” anyway)

So I’ve come up with the idea of knitting a scarf with sleeves. I have already casted on but so far I’m only 3 rows into the project.

I planned on doing it like so:
Knit a few rounds ribbing in the round, then stocking stitch in the round, a few color changes, then going from circular to straight knitting, doing some length in non-tubular knitting, then going back to tubular knitting for the second sleeve.

Does such a thing exist? I have never seen anything like that, so I came up with the idea…

What do you think of it?

sounds very do-able to me. you’d have to bind off stitches at the top end of the first sleeve, knit the flat part, then cast on stitches for second sleeve. anybody else think this will work? linknit41

I thought of doing the sleeve, then, (I’m doing magic loop) keeping the stitches on one needle and knitting the other stitches, instead of pulling out the stitches of 2nd needle to the cable, then working everything straight.

I didn’t think that through though, so I’m not sure if it will work…

Look at the sleeves for Tubey - - That might give you some ideas, though I don’t think you’d need to put a hole in it. Many shrug patterns are knit the same way you’re doing. Knit a sleeve in the round to the underam, then knit flat across the back and join again for the other sleeve. You don’t need to bind off any stitches until you finish the second sleeve.

Don’t forget about Cleaves, also.


My first thought was that you might have more luck if you knit a shrug and then added a scarf to that - the construction aspect might be easier, as you could pick up stitches from the neckline and go from there.

I know that Mary Maxim had a pattern a few years ago - might be worth a call.

teva durham did a ribbed “turtle neck” that had ribbed "sleeves’

it was like cleaves, but with negative ease… (snug, snug, snug!) --think of a poor boy sweater, and all you knit is the turtle neck the shoulder sadles, and sleeves.

Its not a new idea… but a classic one… and you’re just doing a new interpations.

Well, shrug is not scarf enough for me.
I really want something to wrap around the neck. (I wear all kind of strange self-made scarves) AND something to put arms in.

So that idea just came to me. I will see how far it works, but thank you all for your ideas so far :slight_smile:

Is this more what your looking for.

oh wonderful, just like that I want it, but with sleeves instead of mitts :smiley: