Scarf with music notes?

Hey all,

I was thinking about making a scarf for my music teacher who is leaving at the end of the year, and I was interested to see if anyone knew of a pattern for a scarf (preferably knit in the round) that had music notes on it? My first thought was to write my own pattern, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask around first.

Thanks so much!:knitting:

Found a page of music related charts you might use.
Edit: one more
Illusion piano keys scarf.

There’s a felted tote in the freebie patts at The visual might be helpful. Not sure what info in the instructions as to chart.


Hey SodaSpill,
I’ve just uploaded a 2 charts (hopefullyCrossed Fingers) I made with the site. Hopefully it will be a scarf Knitted in the round, with about 30 stitchs on each side. I’m a little worried it may be too short though. Feel free to use it, and tell how it goes.

Thank you all so much!!! You are seriously the best!

Don’t Thank me yet! I’ve just counted rows on a current scarf I’ve got going and the charts I gave you are going to be WWAAAAYYY too short. While you could just repeat the pattern, I’m currently working on making one that will be designed specifically for in the round.
It’s just taking awhile… The things we do for those that are Musically Inclined.
FV (Who can’t hold a tune in a bucket)

Here is a website that I found for a piano keys with instructions. I’m thinking of doing one for myself to wear at my son’s marching band season in the fall but I’m planning to do it in the round so the keys show nice on both sides.


Hey everyone!!! Thanks for all of the help!! I have started the scarf, and you can check out some pictures here.

You all rock my world!