Scarf with a two color pattern?!

so i want to make a scarf for my sis for x mas that says sister in japenese and i have the pattern, and it won’t be very big , only 32 rows long, and the same for my bro… what stitch do i use, and also i want it to look alright on the other side as well, but i looked at the videos and none of the styles seem to work for what i want to do can i use the regular knit stich for the scarf and just pearl the design in with a different color and if so how? thanks!

You can use regular knit and knit the design with a different color, or purl it with a different color, or even do it all in one color and purl the design on a knit background.

If you want to work two colors and have the back look good, then you should probably make the scarf doubled and then seam it up the side. Intarsia really doesn’t look great on the back.

If you want to work in one color, you can do that easily. Work the background in garter and the symbol in stockinette. That seems to work best.

okay, i never thought of that, thanks