Scarf troubles

I know you mite have heard of my love for scarves, but I always do single colors! I know I just started, but how do I change my colors?
Also, anymore advice from pros would help!

If you want to make stripes, just drop the first color at the end of a row and pick up the other color and knit the next row, leaving a tail to weave in later.

How do i weave it in? Do you crosha (srry if i spelt it wrong) it in?

It’s spelled crochet, and I do use a hook to pull the tails through the nearby stitches. Most people use a blunt tip darning or tapestry needle and run the ends through the sts. This blog has a page on how to do it and it also has a lot of great tips for basic things as well as how to fix things.

Oh! Thx for the help, I will check it out. At least I know know how to so it! :woohoo: :woot: