Scarf too long

I knitted a scarf lengthwise and cast on waaaay to many. Obviously I did not correctly figure out the gauge and how long it would be. Its almost long enough for 3! I am wondering if I can cut it in some way and create 2 long scarves without taking it all out and starting over. … any suggestions? I don’t crochet.


steeking! you can indeed cut it but it takes some bravery and a sewing machine. Find the point where you want to cut the scarf, and place a marker on the knitting. Go a few stitches to the left of this and place a marker and do the same to the right. from these left and right markers you will need to sew with your machine a line straight down. This gives you a sort of tram line where you want to be cutting. once you have sewn those lines take a sharp pair of scissors and cut the scarf at the point you marked. ta-da! you now have two scarves.
Now if tis was me i would pick up stitches along the cut ends and knit a decorate border of some sort to hide the cut part.

For more information about taking a scissor to your work, have a look at this thread, it is focusing on sweaters but the basic techniques apply.

I was going to say steeking as well, but I’m not familiar with it at all…just heard about it.

I’ve always thought that there’s no such thing as a scarf that’s too long. Maybe because I always wish I’d made or even bought them longer than I have. While I’m knitting (or just finishing up) it seems way too long. Then when I have to wear it, I always wish I’d kept going.

If you want to know more about steeks, here is an excellent source. You can do hand sewn steeks (in case you don’t do sewing machines). I did one once. They are safest on wool yarns though, otherwise I’d use the machine one. This page is general information. At the bottom of the page are links to other pages about how to do the different steeks. Steeks

I’ve never done anything with steeks - so I have a question. How would that work with it being the edge of a scraf? I always thought the steeking was for. maybe sleeve openings or neck edges where the steeked part would be hidden in a seam or the attachement of a collar or edging or something. How would you hide the edge of the scarf so it wouldn’t look stiff and rough (which I imagine it would after machine sewing enough to keep it from unraveling)?

as i mentioned, i would probably pick up stitches along the cut edge and knit a few rows for a border. It would leave you with a sort of seem but depending on what border you do it could be fairly unobtrusive. to make it match i would do the same on the other end (pick up and knit a few rows).