Scarf too!

Hello all,
I hope someone out there can help me! I am making rainbow scarves for my nieces for Christmas. I made the stripes go the long way, and I just finished the first one tonight. I realized when I picked it up that I should have paid more attention to how long it was because it’s about 3 times too long. Is there any way to split the one way too long scarf into 3 perfect scarves? I did the whole thing with knit stitches. I would be sooooo grateful if someone could help me!
Thanks so much!!!

Are you sure it is too long? Really long scarves are really in right now. How long is it?

Oh yes I also like long scarves. And you can fold it in half…

Yep, if it’s not too wide, you can fold in half and put the ends through the loop - very fashionable.

OK … I am so not sure about this … and not sure if this is how you would do it … but … it seems like you could divide into 3 … cut … you would not be able to unravel any rows because your rows are the other way … but I think you should be able to pick up those edge stitches and knit a “border” on the end … you could pick up stitches on the other end and also make a border so they would match. You might cast on 15 or 20 stitches and try it … or if you have a swatch laying around that would work to experiment on … Ingrid ??? Artlady ???