Scarf the long way

So I f I want to knit a scarf the long way in stockinette, would it curl like a tube? What if I made it rib? (ie k1 p1)

I want to make a scarf out of my Malabrigo. I have one color for each rainbow colors and I want each color to go lengthwise. But I don’t want to knit it vertical cuz I don’t want the color changes to have big gaps (I suck at vertical color changes)

I don’t want to knit it lengthwise in garter stitch either. Malabrigo is too pretty for that.

So what’s a girl to do?

Unfortunately, stockinette curls no matter which way you knit it. You could try crocheting on a border which can help, or making an edge in garter stitch or seed stitch. Ribbing would work just fine.

I did Malabrigo longways in Feather & Fan and it turned out nice.

Oh I love f&f! What a great idea! I’ll try that, thanks :muah:

I did it because I was using Malabrigo and there is so much difference from one hank to another and I thought I could blend them better longways. Here it is.

OOooooOOOOo pretty

Stockinette would curl, but the other way (long way) if I’m not mistaken. You could do a border, as for other scarves that tend to curl…

My crochet border didn’t help at preventing scarf from curling, so personally, I wouldn’t advise that.