Scarf Swap

Hi everyone I am in a scarf swap and my pal either likes alpaca or pure wool and has very sensitive skin so I want to buy something nice and soft. Any recommendations? Oh and she likes deep red shades the best

You should try, their alpaca yarn is really nice and soft.

[color=indigo]Blue Sky Alpaca has nice, although pricey, yarns. Berroco has some new light weight, ultra soft merinos.

If your friend has a serious skin allergy, you might consider llama instead of wool. Not as soft as alpaca, but almost certainly NOT allergenic --different fiber composition and no lanolin.

Let me know what you choose.


PS: Your Blueberry Boucle is about to be scarf-a-cised![/color]

ok does anyone know exactly what a deep dark red is :?? Is it burgundy or blood red? I dont know why but Im having a hard time figuring it out

I would figure that it would almost be something like a blood red (sorry if that term grosses you out). According to my recommendations and the other poster i went to yarndex and came up with this conclusion…hope it’s helpful.

I should go knit instead of talking about it… :teehee: