Scarf size?

I’m about 5’8"/9"

around how long should my scarf be so it doesn’t look awkwardly big or short?

Thanks :cheering:

it really is all about what is comfortable to you. I like mine to be about as long as i am :wink: but some people like shorter ones. i like to be able to double mine and then pull the ends through the loop, and i feel like i need a longer scarf for that. but it really is all about what is comfortable for you! :thumbsup:

I like for my scarves to hang to about my knees on both sides when they aren’t wrapped around my neck. :shrug:

I agree with the above posts, but also consider if it is meant to be decorative or functional. Functional, I make huge, (I live in Minnesota) so that I can wrap until I can’t feel my neck anymore. Decorative, I make shorter, and usually fasten with a pin or something.