Scarf questions

I’m hoping to make Silver’s palindrome scarf(thanks Silver!) for my four-year-old, but was wondering if there is a “formula” of sorts about what size to make a scarf. What would be a good width and length for a four-year-old? Also, I’m using worsted weight yarn–if I go up a needle size from what I’d usually knit at, will it make the fabric drapey enough? I want it drapey, but not really loose so it looks sloppy. Thanks!

My son is 5 now, and I made him a cable scarf when he was 4 that he loves.

This pattern would be thin enough width wise- with heavy worsted only 4.5 inches- just bind off where you want. I made my son’s about waist length on both sides (not really long).

I have never made a reversible cable- no idea on needle size.

I whipped up this one:

It was fun and really quick, also very narrow…:hug:

I’ve been making scarves long-ways. I’m halfway through a sideways feather & fan scarf out of the yummiest Malabrigo Silky Merino. I like doing it sideays because I know I won’t run out of yarn or steam before it’s long enough!

I saw your post and looked up that pattern - really cool. I have a 4yr old and he picked out some Lion Brand Wool - it is varigated in blue, green, and brown.

I am a loose knitter so I started on size 6 needles. I’m following the pattern and the scarf is only about 4" wide. I think will work for him and it will grow with him for a few years. I really like it - so I’ll have to borrow from time to time.

I can’t find my camera right now or I’d take a picture and post (one of my boys walked off with the camera) It’ll turn up and need batteries. I’ll try to post a picture as soon as I find that camera.

Update: found the camera and charged the batteries… here is what I have so far… I think I’m going to make it long enough for him to wrap around himself, but not so long that he’ll trip over it. Knit mom blog - see photo of palindrome scarf

I had the same question a while back. I read (unfortunately, I can’t remember where) that a good rule of thumb is that the scarf should be about as long as the recipient is tall. Of course, I guess it depends, too, on how the scarf will be worn.