Scarf Question

I have knitted four scarves so far. Every single one of them turns out bigger at one end. Can you help me? What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it in future scarves?

Is it bigger at the beginning or the far end? Sometimes your tension relaxes a little and that makes it get bigger at the far end. I suppose you could start loose and tighten up as well. :slight_smile: I have found that some things just seem to want to flare out at the end, and I sometimes try to remedy the situation by decreasing a little at the ends to make it behave. I just kind of play it by ear about what it needs, and experiment (i.e. do it more than once if needed). Good luck.

You may be adding stitches, check frequently to see that you have the same number you CO.

I used to have that happen all the time until I switched to the long-tail cast on.

define bigger.

[B]just the edge?[/B]
could it be the cast on or bind off is too tight?

[B]More stitches?[/B]
Its a common beginner mistake to add extra stitches (usually in the first stitch of work) (find the problem, resolve)

[B]is is gauge?[/B]
some of us (MANY OF US) will knit tighter when tense or excited… do you start with tighter tension, and ease up?
or do you start easy, and tighten up when you are almost finished?

a photo might help–but most of all, YOU have to learn to see your knitting, and see what is wrong.
once you know what’s going wrong, its easier to learn how to make it go right!