Scarf Question

I am new to the forum and have learned so much from reading the threads! I am still a relatively new knitter and have a question about scarves. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the width of the scarf even from beginning to end? Mine seem to be slightly wider on the end from which I cast on. I read on one thread to use needles a couple of sizes smaller to cast on and for the first few rows, then switch to the larger needles. Sounds like a good idea. Any other suggestions before I try this? Thanks in advance!

If you do a provisional cast-on, then you can bind off both ends of the scarf and they’ll match perfectly.

Thanks for the suggestion. After reading your suggestion, I watched the video on provisional cast-on. Being a relative newby at knitting, this seems somewhat intimidating, but I will certainly give it a try. I’m sure once I have needles in hand and watch the video as I’m casting on, it will be easier than it looks.

I don’t know if too many people have mastered the provisional cast-on in the video. I sure haven’t.

Check out the crochet prov cast-on. So much easier!

Crochet prov CO is easy.

Altho I wonder if your width issue is due more to loosening your gauge. Some knitters are somewhat tense when starting a project and then relax as they continue. (Have read that you should knit for roughly 15 mins on something else before doing actual project to allow hand tension to settle in…if you have this problem.) Also, some find their square items become trapezoids for somewhat the same reason. Sts on the right are tighter, as the RS row is started, while the last sts are looser causing the left edge to flare.

Not sure that helps…


You can always block it.

Thanks for all of your suggestions. You have been sooooo helpful. I think in my case I’m casting on loosely and knitting increasingly tighter as I go along. After about three or four inches into the scarf I seem to level out and become consistent with my stitches.

I have tried blocking but in this one particular scarf it seems to spring back to its original size after unpinning. I was using Lion Boucle that is 79% acrylic, 20% mohair, and 1% nylon. Since it didn’t work I read some articles on blocking and it seems as if only natural fibers can be blocked. I’m sure the nylon in the boucle causes the “spring” that I was experiencing.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]For provisional cast ons: If you know how to crochet, crochet a chain the number of sts you want for your cast on. Pick up and knit along the bumpy side of the chain. When you’re done you can just undo the chain, pick up the sts and Bob’s your uncle!

Or just knit a few rows with waste yarn, change yarn to the good one and then pick out the waste yarn when you want to get to the live sts.

Depending on what pattern you’re using for the scarf, you may need to bind off in pattern to get the two ends equal sizes. I just made a K3 P3 scarf and had to bind off three sts as if to k and the next three as if to purl to keep the end from expanding.