Scarf Question

The scarf pattern requires that I knit a tube then finally to “weave in all ends back into the fabric” How do I have both ends stay strong enough sealed? And after I finished weaving what do I do to finish? tie a knot?

If you weave in the ends properly you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them if any.

I thought there was a video here in KH (see tabs at top of page), but I seem to be missing it… :?? Anyway here is another place to check out how to do it.
Weaving in the ends

the tube itself probably doesn’t have to be sewn or sealed shut, unless the pattern says so specifically. I think the tube scarves I’ve seen just leave the ends open. the weaving in the end yarns just prevents unraveling and makes it look finished.

I could be wrong…

How exciting! thank you both!