Scarf Question

Hi! I am knitting a scarf for a friend using the aster flower stitch. It is a very beautiful pattern. However, I just realized that bind off will create a different edge than the beginning of the scarf. So my plan is to do the beginning of the scarf on separate needles and attach them I was hoping someone could explain to me how they would attach these, because I don’t know if the kitchener stitch would be too obvious for this. I have attached the image with this! Any input would be appreciated!! Thanks image|1200x900

The image is not coming up

It’s a lovely scarf.
The difference in cast on and bind off is relatively minor but you can certainly start two pieces and graft in the middle.
It looks like the best place to graft or join is a row like the current row on the needles. Kitchener should be the most seamless join if you have 2 rows there. Three needle bind off would leave a more noticeable seam on the reverse side.
You could try this out on two small swatches to see if you like the look.