Scarf Progress Pics

It’s looking great! :thumbsup:

:roflhard: The parts that look like joints are major screw ups. I have no idea what I did there. The one up close to the top of the steering wheel is a single row I tried to knit after having a couple too many beers. I have no idea why it turned out that way but I quit after the one row. Friends shouldn’t let friends knit drunk.

Forever more when I look at this scarf I will see that messed up row and remember that night in Indiana.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


I have to tell you, I love :muah: that you are a trucker and you knit!!! I am not only addicted to knitting, but I am also addicted to this forum :teehee: . When I talk about this forum to other people (and I often do) I mention you, and your adventures in knitting, because lets face it, knitting is an adventure.

My co-workers have started lurking on the site, to see your posts, and all of the guys I know are now more interested in knitting because “if a trucker does it, then it can’t be that bad” :teehee: In fact I’ve even had one of my guy friend ‘break down’ and wants to learn to knit.

No kidding? Seriously?

Tell your friends that knitting is definitely not just a “girl” thing. I know a couple of guys in the military who also knit, as well as there being other truckers out there who do as well.

A man should never be afraid of doing something he is interesting in doing just because he’s afraid of what someone else might think.

:teehee: Now see I know that and all on this forum know that, we just have to educate the rest of the world. :rofl:

Looks good. Is that 2x2 (knit 2, Purl 2) ribbing?

Thanks. It’s supposed to be 2x2 ribbing. I don’t think there is a name for whatever it actually is. :rofl:

Way to go, Mason! I think it looks fantastic. If anyone questions that “one row,” just tell them it’s a Design Feature you wanted to try out. :wink:

Whatever you do, don’t rip it out. Keep it like you said, to show yourself the progress you’ve made and all you’ve learned.
I think your next project should be a never-ending scarf to show yourself the progress of learning new stitch patterns, color changes, you name it.

Also, I love to see this pink/red scarf on the needles laid across that big truck steering wheel. It’s so great that you knit. I would wonder if you’ve noticed yourself becoming a less tense or more mellow driver now that you’re a knitter? It’s kind of meditative, and I would think that mood would leak over into the driving time.

Hey my first scarf was all garter stitch! I think it looks great!!! I’d wear it!!

when I started knitting it was becasue I was Driving all over creation
and having LONG waits in between driving times
and it was portable, and satisfying, and productive
now I drive a lot less, and knit a LOT more


Excellent job, Mason!! Your progress is inspiring. BE PROUD!

[color=darkblue]Way to go, Mason!

Your scarf looks great. :cheering: [/color]

It looks amazing compared to my first scarf! And mine was all plain garter stitch too.

Excellent job sir. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least you figured out that you should make your scarf in anything BUT stockinette…it took me my first TWO scarves to figure that out (And oh, how I hate those little rolling, tubey things!).

I think your scarf is great…the nice thing about scarves is that they don’t have to be perfect to be cozy. And think of it this way…there will be no doubt that you didn’t just pick one up at the Gap…No, a man of your sophisticated tastes must have hand-made items.

Seriously…it’s looking good!


I kind of like your drunk knitting!