Scarf Progress Pics

I measured my disaster in progress today and it’s right at 36". I decided to go ahead and post a couple of pics of it at this stage even though it really is a horrible piece of work. It should be good for a chuckle or two. :rofl:

Looks great!!! :happydance:

And pink. :rofl:

I know, I know, it’s the lighting. It looks waaaay better than my first scarf.

Hey, that looks really good! :cheering:

[size=2]You should see my first scarf.[/size]

Thats really good!
I love the colour!

Thanks folks. I guess we’re our own worst critics.

Yeah, the color didn’t come through correctly in the pics. It’s actually much more red than it looks in the pics.

That scarf is perfect! It shows your progress in such a great way. You can see the uneven-ish stitches at the beginning and how neat the stitches are the further you got along. Very impressive. :cheering:

Hey that’s not bad at all! Looks pretty darn good! All that ribbing… :zombie:

fabulous!!! It shows what a learning experience you’ve had!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: [size=7][color=red]IT LOOKS GREAT!!! [/color][/size]

:happydance: :cheering: :balloons: :blooby: :yay: :woot: :woohoo: :clink:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

It looks fabulous so far! Practice will only make your knitting better, but you should be super proud of this scarf! :thumbsup:

Thanks. I am kinda proud of it, disaster that it is :roflhard:

It does reflect the progress I’ve made in learning the new skill, which is why I kinda like it. Once it’s finally finished I’ll be keeping it as a reminder and so I can pull it out every once in a while to have a good laugh.

Very nice work – I can see how nicely your stitches are progressing. :cheering:

It’s fun, isn’t it?



:cheering: Looks good and you can see your progress!! :happydance:

Don’t be too hard on yourself! This IS very good work. You should definitely be proud! :cheering:

The first project I made was also a scarf and my boyfriend still wears it, even though there are little mistakes. And you know what? People compliment this scarf all the time! We do tend to criticize our work way too much…

I love that you’re planning on keeping it to look at later. Nothing boosts your ego more than looking at how much progress you’re making. And that scarf is ALL about progress. You’re doing a great job! Keep us posted!

It looks GREAT!!! You are doing a great job!!

I’m making a baby blanket right now, and I’ve made 25 mistakes (yea, I’m keeping count.) I’ve had to frog, I’ve had to tink, and I see EVER imperfection, but I know the family I’m giving it to wont. Every time I pick it up I want to kick myself for the mistakes :shrug: . We are definately our own worst critic.

That’s really great! :cheering:

I think it looks great…its neat to see how you’re progressing. Keep up the good work!

the parts that look like joints are Great.
(what is that you did there?)

that scarf looks great! you are doing a wonderful job! my first scarf was all garter stitch, so the ribbing really impresses me! :cheering: