Scarf plus intarsia

Hi all–I have a question about a scarf I’m planning to knit. It’s a ribbed scarf (I think k2, p2). I’d like to knit it in green and put a candy cane motif at the end of it and make it a holiday scarf, but I don’t know if that will work with the ribbing (if I knit the candy cane in sockinette). Will it work, or should I knit the scarf in something else? Thanks!

well i think if you are going to do this without a pattern the biggest challenge would be in keeping the ribs even. have you considered doing (just as an example) 3 inches of ribbing, six inches of stockinette for the candy can space, and then the rest in the ribbing again?

i may be wrong but as i think about trying to get that ribbing around the stockinette candy can AND doing the intarsia it sounds like a painful process to me.

I agree. I’ve never seen intarsia done in ribbing, though it may be possible. My though was to also leave the candy cane section flat–even if it has ribbing on the outside edges of the scarf.