Scarf Pattern

I want to make a scarf like this one, (in the picture I attached, hope it worked)
I have a chart for the skull, and one for the crossbones, but I am a new to knitting, and I dont understand how to make it. I would be incredibly grateful if someone can help me with this.

Here is a link to the skull chart,

and the link to the crossbones chart,

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

To work this pattern, you’ll need to use the intarsia technique where you work back and forth, using a separate strand of yarn for each section. For the scarf, you’d have to work it flat and then fold it and sew it down the side. This is good because the back of intarsia is rarely pretty.

You’d work in black across to the beginning of the skull, switch to white for that section, then have another strand of black to work across. For the features, you’d have a strand of black for each one.

Amy has video on how to do intarsia, and there are some sites dedicated to it. I’d suggest practicing on a small piece to get the hang of switching colors without holes.