Scarf pattern?

I found this photo on a blog:

I’d like to make one like it! I’m not sure if it is ok to speculate on the pattern of such a scarf, but it just looked like garter to me. What I’m wondering about is the type of yarn and the gauge. It looks like rope and rolling pin-sized knitting needles to me :mrgreen: So I would appreciate more knowledgeable insight.



It’s garter, maybe super bulky yarn and huge needles like 35 or 50s. Even if the original was done with thicker yarn and larger needles, that should give you the same look. Normally you’d use 3 or 4 strands of bulky yarn on size 50 needles, so just using one strand would be similar.

Yep! I’ll bet it was made on at least size 35 with a simple garter stitch. Gorgeous scarf by the way! Good luck!

Thanks! I made it last night in about an hour. It was definitely size 50 needles. Which I didn’t have and couldn’t find at the store, so I taped a size 15 and a size 35 together :rofl: It actually worked! I wouldn’t do it for a long project, but I’m glad I did it for this one.

I used Woolease Super Bulky, 6 st across, and added a fringe. It turned out really nice!

Hmmmmmm…got pics? Sounds like a fun knit. Very creative way to get size 50s:thumbsup:

Well 15 and 35 make 50, but your ‘needle’ probably came out larger than a size 50. But good for you on your inventiveness! Yes, a picture would be great.

Yes I think that they were larger than an actual 50, but it worked out perfectly for my scarf where gauge didn’t matter, but I wanted BIG. I’ll post a photo shortly.



As promised, here are some photos :slight_smile:

I see your cat likes it too. Good job.

It looks great! That kitty is cute!

Super cute scarf!

LOL! I can’t believe you taped two needles together XD I’ve heard of people who just sharpen cut up broom sticks.

I will definitely make one sometime :slight_smile: I have a chair I want to get rid of so I’m thinking of just scrapping the legs since they taper anyways.


I wore it today - despite how loose it is, it is warm!

Oh that’s a good idea - sharpening a broomstick! Mind you, all of my brooms are plastic. I think I dreamt of someone telling me to use bamboo sticks (I was pre-occupied with this dilemma for some time!), but that really wouldn’t work; they’re hollow :wink:

I have to say the taped-together method is quite effective, but only if you’re knitting LOOSE and BIG. Otherwise, it would be too much of a pain to get both needle points in the loop.

You can go to a hardware store or home improvement center and buy wooden dowels pretty cheap. They come an inch around or so. Cut it in fourths and you’d have 2 sets of huge needles.

Oh, that’s so clever! Any tips to getting a point on them? Or just whittle/sand until its done?

Yeah, something that large won’t fit in a pencil sharpener, so you’d have to do something else.

Thats sooooooooo funky!