Scarf pattern?

I want to make a scarf for one of my girlfriends. I like the vertical stripe multi-color scarf. Does anyone know of a pattern?

thank you

Well, skimming around I can’t find a pattern just yet.

But you could just cast on as many stitches as you need to make it as long as you want, then knit each row, switching colors as often as you want. When it’s as wide as you want it, bind off.

I’d probably use a larger needle by 2 sizes for the cast on and bind off so it won’t bee to tight.

How many to cast on you say?? Well, if the yarn you are using says 5 (or X) stitches = one inch and you want your scarf to be 60 (or X)inches long – you’d have to cast on 300 stitches. ie, X stitches per inch times X total length = cast on number.