Scarf pattern help

I’m knitting my first scarf and decided to use the stockinette stitch, but this question is more for how to create a shape of color in the middle of the scarf. I’m a beginner and this is my first project, so I’m not sure how to word this correctly but I want to attempt an inverted v type shape in the middle. The outer colors are gray and I want the inner color to be navy blue. Please see attached picture. How do I accomplish this effect?


This wouldn’t be complicated, but for a first project it’s fairly advanced. You’re going to either need to use intarsia or stranded (fair isle) type knitting to insert a block of color.

Intarsia will require bobbins of the new color so you can knit on either side as you go till you get to the completely blue section. Stranded will require you to carry the yarn across the back so you can do the other side of the scarf.

Read up on the two methods and I suggest playing with swatches before working on the whole project.