Scarf pattern help

Hi everybody! I have a ball of TLC Amore yarn that I am having a love hate thing with right now. I love the color (it’s purple varigated) and I love the way it feels. I am hating the way it’s knitting up. I can’t use anything that has a pretty stich b/c it just gets lost in the fuzzines of the yarn and the lace patterns I’ve tried just don’t look right. It’s possible I could be thinking too hard about this, but I’m trying to get a gift done for a friend who I know will flip for this color. Any ideas for a stich pattern that shows it off or should I just chuck the whole thing? TIA!

Fuzzy yarn probably won’t show any stitch pattern well. The best thing for this kind of yarn is stockinette. Save the `fancier’ stitches for plain yarns.


Or even garter stitch, because stockinette will curl a lot, especially as a scarf.

Or the scrunchable scarf! Using a multiple of three, it’s K2 P1 across each row. It creates a row of knit, a row of garter, and a row of purl, so it’s more interesting and less squished in looking than ribbing.

I agree with Cate. I had some boucle that didn’t show anything and did the scrunchable. It lies flat and feels so cushy!